How To Create An Affiliate Marketing Website

[intro music]>> MIKE BURKE: Hey guys today I want to talk to you about creating your own affiliate website. What you would do is create a niche site. For example, we’re going to talk about sewing. Let’s say sewing is our topic. You would create a website based on sewing. Now this websitewould have affiliate links and site. The site that leads to different products and services. For example maybe one product is an awesome sewing kit. It is a top-of-the-line sewingkit and then maybe another product is a series of books that a great sewing author wrotethat’s extremely helpful. Now what happens when your reader, your visitor to your site,goes to one of those links and buys you get a commission. Now what you want to do witha site like this is you want it as an informative site. You want to have written post aboutsewing, tips about sewing, videos. You know YouTube videos are in the public domain whensomeone releases them. Still check for copyright information but you are sharing it in a publicdomain so you can actually link to those videos and embed videos. So you can find or createa webpage for your site, just with videos all about sewing. What you want to do is createa niche site that people will go to and get a lot of their information about sewing andthey will love your site and trust you and your content. They would feel good about buyingfrom that site, plus, you might be connecting them to something they didn’t know about. Someone who’s into sewing might say, hey, that’s a goods sewing kit. You would thenoffer them that link so they can buy that product. Once you have that site loaded withcontent and you have a lot of stuff there then you move on to creating another site. Maybe this time your topic is canoeing. That’s what the whole website is about and then youwould feature affiliate links for canoeing. One thing to is that you can place your linksin your post, which is a good way to do it. Actually you should. you can have your linksas ads. You can create banners or have image ads on your site. One of your image ads maysay excellent deal on canoes and that leads to your affiliate link. Now, how you get youraffiliate links is that you have to go look for the companies who have an affiliate program. Most companies do now because it is a great way of advertising for them. They can makea lot more money that way and you get to make money because they will pay you and it reallyis a fantastic system. You probably want to get a click bank account which is free toregister. So I would look into that. Also, one of the most important things you needto do is search engine optimize your website. Now I’m not going to go into the details herebecause there is a lot to it. So I would research that but you need to use certain keywordsin certain places, and you want to do a lot of back links. Back links are really big intogetting your site out there and easily found in search engines. So you want to do that. Plus you want to choose your subject correctly. So I just wanted to tell you about that. Itis a great way to make money and the whole process is you build up a site, you fill itwith content, you get it out there, you do PPC advertisement, or whatever else you cando, and once that site is making you money and really growing then you move on to anothersite. What your goal is to create a bunch of sites. Set a goal. Maybe you have 100. Once you reach 100, now you have 100 sites working on autopilot making you money allthe time. [backgound music]>> MIKE: Today is the day you change your fate. Today is the day you make your dreamscome true. Work when you want, work where you want, work in the hours you choose, andlive a life of true freedom! Simple to learn, simple to do, and the potential to earn hundredsdaily! The time is it now for you to control your own destiny. Dream – bigger. US. Stopdreaming and start earning today!


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