How to Choose a Niche | Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

http://jasonmcc. comHow to Choose a NicheIn order to make money in any type of business, you need a niche. You can’t just open a “clothingstore” an expect to make money. You need to open a “baby clothing store” or a “weddingdress store”. The more tightly niched your business is, the less competition you haveto worry about. This is especially true with online businesses. In your local area, there will only be somany companies you’ll have to compete with. For example, how many bridal shops do youhave in your town? Three, five, maybe twenty in a larger city. Online, there are thousandsand thousands. Not only would you have to compete with all of the thousands of bridal shops, but you’dalso have to compete with potentially millions of affiliates, all competing for the top spot. In this case, you might have to go for an even tighter niche. For example, you couldgo for petite wedding dresses, plus-sized wedding dresses, or Victorian wedding dresses. Niche selection is a critical element of any business, and in this guide, you’re goingto learn how to choose hot ones!Desperate NichesA desperate niche is one in which the average person has a problem they feel desperate tofind a solution for. Desperate niches are generally the most profitable, because peopleare willing to pay money to solve desperate problems. Let’s say you had bed bugs. You wake up every night itching from their bites, and it’s makingit nearly impossible to sleep. Wouldn’t you be pretty desperate to get rid of them? Wouldn’tyou pay money if you thought you found a real solution to the problem? Most people would. Examples of desperate niches include: Weight loss  Acne Chronic severe pain  Many types of pest infestationsAnything that causes physical or emotional discomfort or pain, and anything that makespeople afraid is probably a desperate niche. Passionate NichesPassionate niches can be just as profitable as desperate niches, and they are often lesscompetitive. Everyone knows desperate niches are profitable, so they are often highly competitive. There are only so many things people are desperate about. However, there is a nearly endlesssupply of hobbies and interests. Passionate niches are those in which peoplehave a major passion for something. You probably have a niche you’re passionate in. Most peopledo. It might be stamp collecting, NASCAR, golf, salsa dancing, or something else. Passionate niches generally involve sports, hobbies, games, collecting, and other typesof pastimes. Some niches have more passionate members than others. For example, golfersspend huge amounts of money on their chosen sport. Stamp collectors may or may not beas passionate. Look for niches where the average user isfanatical about their hobby. If people are spending money in the niche on collectibles,memorabilia, books, magazines, movies, or other merchandise, it’s probably a good niche. Your Interests and Abilities Many people prefer to choose a niche thatrelates to one of their own interests, or something they are an expert in. There aretwo major benefits to doing this. 1. If you’re passionate about the niche yourself, you’re more likely to stick with buildingyour business until you have a chance to become successful. Many business owners don’t stickto anything long enough to do well, but if you’re very interested in what you’re doing,you’re much more likely to keep doing it until you make money. 2. If you know something about the niche, it will be easier for you to do research,write content, select products, and establish yourself as an expert in the niche. Everythingwill take less time and be easier if you already know a lot about the niche. Of course, if you’re not interested in niches that are profitable, you won’t want to dothis. Some people find they just don’t have any profitable niches they’re interested in. In this case, move on to something more profitable, unless you’re just in this for a hobby. Finding Popular NichesObviously, you need to find out which niches are popular. You might not want to get intoa niche that has extreme competition, but you don’t want to choose a niche that hasvery little interest, either. affiliate marketing,choose a niche,make money online,make money blogging,work from home,Marketing,Tips,Help,onlinebusiness,passionate niches,finding popular nichesaffiliate marketing,choose a niche,make money online,make money blogging,work from home,Marketing,Tips,Help,onlinebusiness,passionate niches,finding popular niches


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