Digital marketing 101: How to be heard online


These days, for companies trying to get attention online, it’s about likes, tweets, and views. Audience is the new currency for measuring a brand’s value. But how do companies get people to sit up and listen to their marketing messages amid the din of social media, blog posts, and updates? And how do they overcome the public’s well-deserved cynicism about advertising, albeit gussied up for the digital age?

There’s big hurdles, of course. But for better or worse, it can be done.

Earlier this week, LinkedIn hosted a conference for marketers and people in public relations, about being heard online by using LinkedIn (of course) to promote their brand. There were a lot of marketing-speak tossed around and loopy ideas like blog posts that blend marketing with what the readers really want to read about like career advice or recipes. It was music to the ears of people whose job…

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