Defining Cross-Cultural Marketing

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A typical definition of cross-cultural marketing, at least in the academic sense, often focuses on the differences between communication styles (or needs) among members of different cultures.

Search the topic in Google and you’ll find representative articles ranging from what is culturally appropriate in Japan to the subtle differences in messages despite the best translation efforts.  You can find examples of embarrassing marketing “blunders” (you’re probably familiar with many of these cases but they are fun to read anyway).

But in a strictly marketing sense, what do we mean by cross-cultural marketing? Are international marketing and cross-cultural marketing the same thing?

One might argue that with the increasing globalization of products and media, international marketing IS cross-cultural marketing. Yet, in reality, it is much more involved than that.

Globalization vs. cross-culturalization

In an article discussing the importance of understanding cross-cultural marketing issues Robert Guang Tian, Ph. D, makes an…

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