He revolutionized affiliate marketing – Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

He revolutionized affiliate marketing  – Affiate Marketing for Beginners


Back in 2003, Chris Carpenter wrote an ebook called Google Cash.

Maybe, you’ve heard of it, maybe not.  In the 87 pages eBook, he revolutionized affiliate marketing by proving that you could put an affiliate link DIRECTLY into an Adwords ad and make crazy commissions without a website or product.

Chris kept spreading the word, but by 2005 the Google Slap had people saying that direct linking was dead.  

However, Chris just showed a video where he reveals how direct linking is still working today in 2014.

Facebook’s social system  has turbo-charged the opportunity like never before. 

Watch the free video presentation below and RE-LEARN how to make money…

–    Without a website
–    Without an email list
–    Without your own product
–    Without cold calling or even face to face selling
–    And with little or no technical skills what so ever …

There is a tremendous opportunity unfolding RIGHT NOW in 2014 – and it’s “game on” for all affiliates … but this time, the marketplace just increased to a BILLION POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS.

Watch the video presentation here:


And to think of all the people that said direct linking was dead (including me)…

I guess the sky really wasn’t falling. 

Speaking of the sky falling, you have to checkout Chris’s video.

He actually delivers the introduction from 5,000 feet up in the sky:


Direct linking is BACK… and Facebook’s social system has turbo-charged the opportunity like never before. 

It’s kind of like back in 2003, when direct linking was insanely profitable. Google Cash is back, only this time it’s with Facebook and Microsoft Bing and NO Google.


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