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the examples of affiliate marketing websites. affilorama introduction lesson 3Luke Marcum I can be quite subtle most people using the internetare unaware that fleet marketing exists yetit’s the reason behind a locked on the Conti on the Internetthe for one of the first things you should learn when getting started as anaffiliateis how to identify affiliate sites once you start to spot affiliatesyou realize exactly how persuasive affiliate marketing isand it might just give you ideas for your own affiliate businessone of the places where affiliates a most RBSis in the paid advertisements home search engines like bingo Googlethese affiliates will be promoting the web sites through these advertisementspaying for each person who clicks on the red the idea of the sort of marketingis that the money they in an affiliate commissions is enough to pay for theseadvertisementswith a bit left over however because they have to pay for you to visit thissiteyou’ll often find that there are little more to the pointin Philly its who don’t have to pay for the traffic let’s take an examplefrom a Google search on the phrase Luna to look at the search resultsin Google the aids on the right hand side of the page a clearly markedheads otherwise known as paid advertisements depending on what yousearch for you might seeheads in this list that have been placed by merchants themselves rather thanaffiliateshowever in this particular example it would appear that most of these ads havebeen placed by affiliatestelltale signs didn’t ad has been placed by an affiliateinclude any michener reviews there’s always the favorite affiliate catchphrasedon’t buy anything into you’ve read these reviewsthese I very obvious affiliate headsanother favorite affiliate hoc is the mention of a scamfor example tally since games I mean nobody likes to be scanned in everyoneloves a scandalso a lot of advertisements use this scam hook to get people cookingglitz take a look at this ed in action to take your own look you could go tosmart guy reviews dot com forward slash the topdon’t age team the site appears to be review site due to target more than justthe guitar lessons affiliate markethowever examples of affiliate marketing websites for two. nowlet’s take a look at just the guitar lessons pageat the top of the page they have a summary of the reviewswe’re they’ve given a number affiliates products ratingsout of 5 stars with a couple break points if the visitor clickson this like they’ll be taken to the merchant site through the affiliatesaffiliate link these brief reviews at the top are a good way to grab peoplewho are just looking for products to research and don’t want to spend timereading reviewsif you look a little further down the page you’ll see the full reviews of theproductsfor example learn and master guitar all the links on this pageare affiliate links an affiliate link is a link thatgenerally places a cookie in the visitor’s browser. this example of affiliate marketing website and is a way to say to merchants this president X came fromaffiliate wise like this helps the website trackaffiliates else and means that if the visit comes back to buy at a later datethe Philly it will still earn a commission affiliate links don’t harmthe visitor inanyway the Affilorama introductions doesn’t end up paying any more for the product and ifthey bought directly from the merchantinfect the affiliate actually helps to visit to find a product they werelooking fornow let’s have a look at an example of affiliate showing up innatural search results not all affiliates choose to promote theirwebsite through paid advertisements or other examples of affiliate marketing websitesa lot of affiliates rely on traffic that comes from normal search resultsin the search engines we call the search resultsorganic search results or natural search listingsyou hear people talking about EC a piece which is short forsearch engine results pages for those of you who are new to these termsthe difference between net usage results in paid search resultswith the net usage results you listing is free but you have a lot less controlover how and where your website appearsthe net you search listings other sites that the search enginesdeemed to be the most relevant to the particular search termranked in order of relevance the problem for webmasters is that we need to reallyknow whatsearch engines are thinking all we can do is guess and try and make your websites lookas relevant as possiblethis gives rise to a whole area of internet marketingcalled search engine optimization which we cover inother parts of the bill a rum but for now it’s just take a lookat affiliate sites that seem to be doing well in the EC apiecefor the term dog obedience it can be a little more difficult to spot affiliatesin the natural search results because they tend to be a little small subtleband paid search results we’ve got a few here which look like they couldeither be affiliates all merchants selling their only sincefor example let’s have a look at blockbusters . caits emergence I’d but sites likedog opinions advice dot com or dogbillion straining review dot com could be he their merchant or affiliate sitesreviews free advice including the best wayare all tried and true methods affiliate some ploy to gain trafficso let’s have a look at the site offering free a billion straining advicewhich is an dog a PT in to buy stock comif you take a look at the front page for the site you can see that it seems tofollow a feeling similar formulato the last website we looked at up front they have a reviewof the top dog training guide and further down the page we find morereviews tooother top brand products all links to these guides will be affiliate linkssince this is an SEO side they must be more content hereyou can see that on the left panel there’s a list divarticles about dog training had a deal with jumping dogsstopping chewing digging and so on if you clickown dealing with the whining dog you taken to a page with the listen onstopping a dog from wanting Affiloramaand he a goth toes recommended products againbut take a look at one more fully its site from the natural search listingsyeah I’ll do a search for peace training in Googleif you follow through to the first listed on him you can seedown the right hand side that they’re promoting in numbers P training ebooksyou can tell it are likely to be fully products because if you were to click onthemyou’ll be taken to a completely different side if you hover over thelinks you’llsometimes in your status bar as seed it’s at the bottom of your browserthat the link looks a little convoluted withhop Clickbank docked me in it that means that the product comes from Clickbankwhich is an affiliate network you can also see some heads on the side thatlook likeaffiliate products to the site doesn’t seem to offer any reviews theysimply have a recommended column with summitsokay let’s have a look at the summaryin this lesson you’ve learned has some affiliates are making moneyin a few different markets deriving traffic from paid search listingsand from natural search listings a few things you can use to spotobvious a plate sites I’ll well sites comparingin reviewing products are often affiliate sites sites promoting productsor servicesthey did not create are often affiliates catch phrases likereviews ratings learn the truth scamsfor example often indicate affiliate sitessay using this information you can now hopefullyquickly and easily identify some other affiliate sitesout there on the internet which can be great for giving you your own tips andtricksfor building your on affiliate business that over time Pauland we’ll see you again for the next video listen songs with examples of affiliate marketing websites and Affilorama

Affiliate Marketing Training

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How To Make Fast Money With Affiliate Marketing

All right, welcome to my video, my training
on how to make money with affiliate marketing.
Basically what I want to be teaching you how
to do is create simple websites, simple websites
in profitable niches in just a few simple
steps. So this the method that I am teaching
you is something that I do all the time. It’s
very simple, it’s quick, and it’s inexpensive.
So what I am trying to do here is show you
the easiest way that I know how for you to
get started making money online. The simplest,
least expensive way to do it, and this is
something that is profitable, and it’s also
scalable. So when you’re first learning this,
when you are first going through the training,
I realize that it’s probably going to take
a little bit of time to fully understand it.
You have to actually do what I am telling
you to do if you want to make money, but it
might take a little bit of time to get your
first website set up to going through all
the videos, but once you do this, and once
you understand what you are doing, then you’ll
be able to replicate this and literally you’ll
be able to get to the point where you can
churn out one of these niche websites on a
daily basis and see profits from it within
as little as a week.
So, you know, this is something that’s very
easy to do once you completely understand
what I am teaching you. So there is a little
bit of a learning curve to it. If I could
just zap all the knowledge from my head into
yours, then I would do that. Unfortunately,
I am letting somebody borrow my knowledge
zapping machine, so you are going to have
to just listen to what I say, go out and do
it, and then eventually once you understand
it, you will be making money, and this is
something, if you do this, this is your very
website that I teach you how to do all this
stuff with, it could seriously make you money
in as little as a week from now. I can’t guarantee
that. I can’t promise anything, but I just
know from my personal experience those are
the kind of results that I have gotten. So
it’s not unreasonable to think you that you
could get those same kind of results as well.
This is something that’s very scalable. These
types of websites I that I am going to show
you how to build, I am not showing you how
to build the next Facebook or some big, huge
website, a multi-billion dollar website. I
am showing you how to build very simple websites
that can make you, you know, a few hundred
bucks a month, maybe even $1,000, or $2,000
a month. I wouldn’t expect that most of these
websites are going to make you a ton of money
individually, but it’s a very scalable thing
so that you can create multiple websites,
and if you have, you know, a year from now
100 of these sites that are making you $100,
$200 per month a piece, then you are looking
at $10-$20,000 a month in income. So that’s
certainly nothing to scoff at and it’s you
know, it’s a very good income and it’s very
realistic if you follow the steps that I am
going to outline for you in this training.
So quickly an overview of what this course
is. First, we’re doing affiliate marketing.
You may or may not have heard of affiliate
marketing. If you have heard of affiliate
marketing, or maybe you’ve been doing it for
a few years already, I would encourage you
to still go through the “What is Affiliate
Marketing?” section because in that section
I am going to be also talking about finding
the right niche, finding profitable affiliate
offers for you to promote. So I would encourage
you to still go through that section if you
have already, you know, been doing affiliate
marketing for a little while. Then the next
section I am going to actually show you how
to set up a WordPress site. I am going to
show you everything that I do so that you
can quickly, you know, set up a site that’s
going to be profitable, and then the third
section, this is very important, probably
the most important section, this is the thing
everybody always promises they are going to
give you and then they never do or they don’t
give you everything they just teach you enough
to be able to sell you some crappy product,
but they don’t actually give you the formula
that really works. I am going to be teaching
you exactly how I get traffic to websites
every single day I am going to show you step-by-step
what I do. So pay very close attention to
that section.
There is a million and one different ways
to get traffic to your websites. I use multiple
varieties of getting traffic myself. I highly
suggest that you do the same, that you should
always be going out and learning new ways
to get new traffic to your sites, but what
I am going to focus on in this training is
how to get search traffic. We’re going to
be getting people that have a problem that
are looking for a solution and willing to
pay for that solution, and they are going
to be, you know, like most of us, if we have
a problem that we need some information about
how to solve this problem, we go to Google,
right? So that’s how we’re going to get our
traffic. We’re going to have our website show
up when people search for solutions to their
problems in Google, and then once we get them
to our website, we’re going to be able to
make them an offer, show them a product that
can help them, and then that’s where we’re
going to make all of our money. And then finally
in the last section there’s, you know, just
like there’s a ton of ways to get traffic
to your sites, there’s a ton of different
ways to make money from these sites, and I
don’t have enough time to just go through
everything that I know. I am constantly learning
on a daily basis. I have been doing this for
a few years, but I still learn new stuff every
day. I encourage you to go out and constantly
be trying to learn new things, but in the
final section I am just going to give you
a kind of an overview of a few other things
that you can be doing with these sites to
increase your profits with each of these sites.
So that’s it. That’s basically what this course
is going to be all about. So if that sounds
like something you are interested in, I can’t
wait to get started. Beneath this video there’s
going to be links to each one of these sections.
So go ahead and get started. Click the “What
is Affiliate Marketing?” link below this video
to go to the next video, and I will see you

Affiliate Marketing Training Course

affiliate marketing trainingaffiliate marketing trainingaffiliate marketing trainingvideo love my playlist for the freshman class called the basics affiliatemarketing training and i’d I really just kinda wantedaffiliate marketing trainingaffiliate marketing trainingaffiliate marketing trainingas we’d developed this pageare basically what’s gonna happen is a scroll down a little bit hereaffiliate marketing trainingaffiliate marketing trainingaffiliate marketing trainingjunior seniorI I plan on a publishing materialevery single week so you know inbut right now it’s the middle of July 2014 when I’m publishing nurseyou know by august/september there’s probably going to beaffiliate marketing trainingso you know pleased to take advantage in this pageI’ll come up here and subscribe to the page if you haventand that way when I i do release new materialyou know it’ll you’ll be notified will come across you’ll see it when youlog into your YouTube page the other thing I wannaa mention two-year arm please take note %uh the different a playlist I have goneon everything is set up in a generic fashion meaningthat you know the material that I’m giving arecan work with any business model I’m not asking you to purchase anythingyou don’t have to sign up to be on my mailing listthis is just 3 material that I’m offering guys sotake advantage of that for example you know if you have a business aa blogging business or your I you know NDS domination or yearand some other business it thatyour you know signing people up up you know and and maybe you havepeople that are new and they don’t know linear this stuff they don’t know how tomake money onthe internet or they don’t know anything about how to setup a fan page onFacebookwhere they don’t know anything about you too you know so go ahead inshoot him over to my page you know don’t take advantage of the time that I’vespent in the lab produce a list ofand you don’t have to so you know if you haveI am you know if you if you have somebody to has you two questionswell and shoot him over here got freshman class 6 videos on how to do youtoomaybe they don’t understand I you know how to doa Weber I’m in the city can see the title here but this is all abouta Weber so you note just you knowtake take advantage of the page guys and and utilize it send them over thereyou know I’m not trying to steal anybody’s customersyou know i mean this is just 3 material that I’m offeringso please take advantage over I wanted to mention thatand explain to you you know how I’m setting up this page and how it’s goingto be you soI hope you enjoy it up and come back often and please make sure you subscribeto my pageand I am tell everybody about the page inand I hope you visit often thanks

How To Create An Affiliate Marketing Website

[intro music]>> MIKE BURKE: Hey guys today I want to talk to you about creating your own affiliate website. What you would do is create a niche site. For example, we’re going to talk about sewing. Let’s say sewing is our topic. You would create a website based on sewing. Now this websitewould have affiliate links and site. The site that leads to different products and services. For example maybe one product is an awesome sewing kit. It is a top-of-the-line sewingkit and then maybe another product is a series of books that a great sewing author wrotethat’s extremely helpful. Now what happens when your reader, your visitor to your site,goes to one of those links and buys you get a commission. Now what you want to do witha site like this is you want it as an informative site. You want to have written post aboutsewing, tips about sewing, videos. You know YouTube videos are in the public domain whensomeone releases them. Still check for copyright information but you are sharing it in a publicdomain so you can actually link to those videos and embed videos. So you can find or createa webpage for your site, just with videos all about sewing. What you want to do is createa niche site that people will go to and get a lot of their information about sewing andthey will love your site and trust you and your content. They would feel good about buyingfrom that site, plus, you might be connecting them to something they didn’t know about. Someone who’s into sewing might say, hey, that’s a goods sewing kit. You would thenoffer them that link so they can buy that product. Once you have that site loaded withcontent and you have a lot of stuff there then you move on to creating another site. Maybe this time your topic is canoeing. That’s what the whole website is about and then youwould feature affiliate links for canoeing. One thing to is that you can place your linksin your post, which is a good way to do it. Actually you should. you can have your linksas ads. You can create banners or have image ads on your site. One of your image ads maysay excellent deal on canoes and that leads to your affiliate link. Now, how you get youraffiliate links is that you have to go look for the companies who have an affiliate program. Most companies do now because it is a great way of advertising for them. They can makea lot more money that way and you get to make money because they will pay you and it reallyis a fantastic system. You probably want to get a click bank account which is free toregister. So I would look into that. Also, one of the most important things you needto do is search engine optimize your website. Now I’m not going to go into the details herebecause there is a lot to it. So I would research that but you need to use certain keywordsin certain places, and you want to do a lot of back links. Back links are really big intogetting your site out there and easily found in search engines. So you want to do that. Plus you want to choose your subject correctly. So I just wanted to tell you about that. Itis a great way to make money and the whole process is you build up a site, you fill itwith content, you get it out there, you do PPC advertisement, or whatever else you cando, and once that site is making you money and really growing then you move on to anothersite. What your goal is to create a bunch of sites. Set a goal. Maybe you have 100. Once you reach 100, now you have 100 sites working on autopilot making you money allthe time. [backgound music]>> MIKE: Today is the day you change your fate. Today is the day you make your dreamscome true. Work when you want, work where you want, work in the hours you choose, andlive a life of true freedom! Simple to learn, simple to do, and the potential to earn hundredsdaily! The time is it now for you to control your own destiny. Dream – bigger. US. Stopdreaming and start earning today!

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners